Create a provider

In this example youโ€™ll be creating a provider to allow user login/sign-up to your Craft CMS website

In your Craft CMS dashboard go to Socializerย โ†’ Providers โ†’ New Provider

Make sure to select the desire provider before click on New Provider, you'll be redirected to theย Edit Provider you'll notice that a uniqueย Handle is created when you create a new Provider (this field can't be updated). You can use this handle to display the Provider login URL in the Craft templates.

Socializer - Provider index page

# Create a new application

Any provider will need the following two keys:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  1. The first step is create a new app clicking in the instructions link displayed on your provider. You will need to add the Redirect URI or Callback URL on your app.

  2. After you create your app you can copy the Client ID and Client secret credentials into your Socializer provider.

  3. Enable the provider

  4. Save the provider

Socializer - Edit Provider