Products and Prices

The Cart API and the Checkout twig tag uses the Stripe Products and Prices (opens new window) to create the Stripe Checkout page.

# Create Products

Each time a Product/Price is created/updated/deleted on your Stripe dashboard it will be synced on Stripe Payments, and to know what products Stripe Payments needs to sync please follow the next instructions:

On your Stripe dashboard, click on Products and then click on Add Product, here you can add the product info make sure to add the enupal-sync metadata, with this key Stripe Payments knows what Products sync from Stripe.

Stripe Product


You can also update existing Products by adding the enupal-sync metadata in order to sync with Stripe Payments.

# Add Price

Add at least one price to your Product, here you can define price type: One-Time or Recurring

Stripe Price

# Sync All Products

Besides syncing the products each time a Stripe Product/Price is created/updated/deleted you can also choose Sync all products at once, this feature is available on your Stripe Payments settings, if the product/price already exists it will update it.

This setting is under Stripe Payments -> Settings -> Pro -> Products Sync

Stripe Product


Make sure that the enupal-sync metadata is set on your Stripe Product

# Products synced

Make sure you Products are properly synced, under on your Craft CMS go to Stripe Payments -> Products

Stripe Payments Products Stripe Price

Stripe Payments Products - Edit Stripe Price


You can also enable and disable the products from the element index page. To edit any other info related to the product, it needs to be done via the Stripe Dashboard, Stripe Payments will properly sync the products and prices from Stripe.

# Display Products and Prices

Check the following example on how to retrieve the Products and Prices on the twig templates:

{% set products = craft.enupalStripe.products().all() %}

{% for product in products %}
    {# You can access to any Stripe Product property defined here #}
    {% set productObject = product.getStripeObject() %}
    <h3>{{ }}</h3>
    {% for price in product.getPrices() %}
        {# You can access to any Stripe Price property defined here}
        {% set priceObject = price.getStripeObject() %}
        {% set priceName = priceObject.nickname ? priceObject.nickname ~ ' ' ~ price.getUnitAmount() : price.getUnitAmount() %}
        {# The price ID to use on the Cart API #}
        <h3>{{ }}</h3>
        <h3>{{ priceName}}</h3>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
Last Updated: 4/30/2022, 11:08:04 AM