Subscription Grants

Subscription grants allow assigning user groups for when a subscription is created or deleted.Β On your Craft CMS dashboard go to Settings -> Subscription Grants

Add the following webhook events on your Stripe dashboard are required:

  • customer.subscription.created
  • customer.subscription.deleted

# Validate Grants on your templates

To check permissions on your templates you can use the following two methods:

  • isInGroupΒ  (Returns whether the user belongs to a given group. This method accepts a UserGroupModel instance, a group ID, or a group handle (string).)
  • canΒ (Returns whether the user has a given permission, either directly or via one of its groups.)
{# isInGroup example #}
{% if currentUser.isInGroup('groupHandle') %}

{# can example #}
{% if currentUser.can('permissionName') %}

{# can example 2 #}
{% if currentUser.can("createEntries:#{section.uid}") %}

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